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Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master control series Q13



Agenzie Viaggi

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Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master control series Q1362501 men's mechanical watch [12555 ] - $209.00 : replica watches online stores,

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Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master control series Q1362501 men's mechanical watch
Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master control series Q1362501 men's mechanical watch
$16,211.00  $209.00
Save: 99% off
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  • Description

Master Control series
Male Table
Automatic mechanical
Movement Model
18k Replica Rose Gold
Bottom of the table
Back through
Table mirror
Copy Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Color
Dark brown
Folding clasp
50 m
Beautifully packaged box
Launch of Year

【Brand story]

In the depths of the Swiss Jura, an unusual place called Le Sentier. This unknown town, hold the secret of time. Antoine LeCoultre living here with his extraordinary talent, Mr. handedly created one of the proud Swiss watch brand.

Mr. Antoine LeCoultre offspring come from France, Le Sentier refuge Protestants of the sixteenth century. In its work under the influence of the manufacturing machinery equipment industry's father, Antoine LeCoultre also inherited the spirit of the inventor of the constant pursuit of innovation revolution. He actively studying the watch machinery and gear manufacturing technology, its one of the most remarkable invention is the instrument used to make clocks gear.

In 1833, it is by this excellent invention has the foresight to Mr. Antoine LeCoultre set up their own workshops, that is the area of ​​the home, the predecessor of the watch factory. He understands the "gear is a good soul," the truth, combined with the quality of its production gear parts well, now they get the attention of the industry's reputation, a moment in the Swiss watch industry impatient. This success inspired of Mr. Antoine LeCoultre further realize his lifelong dream - their own brand watches. But he did not think his workshop will be the most important in the history of the Vallee de Joux clock factory.

In 1900, Jacques-David LeCoultre, Antoine LeCoultre's descendants over the family business, he further plot home to the world and to cooperate with each other with the master clocks of Paris Edmond Jaeger. The deep friendship between them, and the Chief Financial and build each other's cultures, the birth of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watches (Jaeger-LeCoultre) brand was born.

Since it was established in 1833 so far, the plot has obtained more than 220 patents, creating more than 1,000 outstanding movement, beyond the self, with success, impressive achievements have received international recognition. Master, Reverso and Atmos Jaeger LeCoultre has three series, and the production of precision movement.

One of the most famous watch Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, since its inception in 1931, and almost never modified, classic Art Deco design. Only legendary watch rectangular flip case, it can be configured to different movements, especially the complex structure of the three asked the table, tourbillon and perpetual calendar, 2006, the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Jaeger LeCoultre another signature series Master is the ultimate precision watch; most complex placement within the circular case with Jaeger LeCoultre movement structure, enjoys the highest reputation for Jaeger-LeCoultre 1992 Master Series Order under the most 1,000 hours of rigorous quality testing, and establish a the watch quality new paradigm, promotion to Reverso series in 2004. The Master series inspired considerable inspiration LeCoultre brand launched another masterpiece Master Compressor watch series, the perfect combination of elegant elegant demeanor and spirit of the movement. Patented invention - it has LeCoultre the compression coil crown, to write a new page of history of mechanical watches. 1929, Jaeger LeCoultre introduced so far remains the world's smallest mechanical movement records 101 machine: 101 jewelry watches is exquisite, much appreciated, also wear this gem of the Queen Elizabeth II coronation. 2004 launched a new the Ideale series more highlight LeCoultre women perfect elegant jewelry watch design boutique. Jaeger LeCoultre production depend on the operation of the air temperature Atmos clock, since the advent of constantly brought the world surprise, and continues to introduce new, revolutionary innovation.

Nearly two centuries later, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches continue growing. Jaeger-LeCoultre has more than 1,000 employees, is the world's largest and one of the watch factory. Today, the division of Jaeger-LeCoultre factory is 40, and the use of the 20 state of the art production. Over the years has been followed by the concept of the "Watch Valley" where: the only thing necessary Christine pro, in order to produce the best products. This spirit let LeCoultre become the world's largest watch one of the craft heritage watch factory, at the same time watch patent and invention. Each finished heritage Jaeger-LeCoultre 170 year-long tradition, traditional crafts to create compliance with the Vallee de Joux, and integrated into the most advanced modern technology. In order to render the extreme beauty of the watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches compatible delicate and elegant Parisian style and the Vallee de Joux long craft tradition, and integration of Parisian society of noble, elegant, Jaeger-LeCoultre brand constantly enrich the connotation.

Mr. Antoine LeCoultre has become legendary, but his spirit still is the Le Sentier today pursued the goal. LeCoultre watches today Bingzhe the past and the attitude to artistic achievement with precise timing for the blog, but they do not be complacent, relying on professional skills and attitude of excellence, clear evidence re given a new watch look. Jaeger LeCoultre watch is not cold timing tool, it's a perfect mechanical process convey a sense of beauty, passion and true. Everyone according to their lifestyle, choose the Jaeger LeCoultre watches; philosophy they embody LeCoultre convey real time culture.




  • Model: 12555 

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